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About Us

Our Story

Founded in the winter of 2015, as a direct response to the negativity around ‘voluntourism’ and the ‘Gap Year’ industry, we wanted to ‘DO VOLUNTEERING DIFFERENTLY’. A charity first and foremost, we have experience working in international development for over three decades.

We have a deep passion and drive to link professional volunteers and university students to projects in Africa and India. Volunteer Invest is the Arms Around the Child volunteer abroad programme, a not-for-profit and focused on sustainability and international development.

We work directly with universities in the UK, Europe and around the world, assisting students with their research projects, dissertation primary research, sandwich year placements and summer work-experience, volunteer placements. We link results driven NGOs, with academic students to produce quality research and programmes.

Our mission

-To help international projects build and grow through research, funding and sustainable development.

We work with top universities around the world to find top quality volunteers to serve the communities we support. We are called Volunteer INVEST because we want to shout about how important our volunteers investment into the organisations they serve is. It’s so important its in our name.

We work with groundbreaking charity partners achieving incredible results in; Human rights, Child development, Medicine, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Criminology, Art Therapy, Photography, Child therapy and HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention.

We connect value-driven, socially-conscious change makers, students and professionals with the opportunity to contribute to, learn from and experience frontline social work and international development in action. In this way, we believe our volunteer programmes have the potential to achieve social impact on an exponential scale as the exchange of skills, knowledge and ideas continues to spread from community to community.

How We Differ from other operators

Our relationships with top universities means we speak directly to university students every day, their lecturers and sit on industry link panels to advice universities on ethical study abroad placements. We pride ourselves with our unique fundraising model. We donate the highest percentage of our volunteer fess direct to our partner organisations. 




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