Business and Marketing Volunteer Programme, Nkosi’s Haven

by Sarah Harris|Jan 30 2018|South Africa
Business and Marketing Volunteer Programme

We are excited to announce our latest volunteer programme in South Africa.

Nkosi’s Haven is an NGO in Johannesburg, and offers residential, holistic care and support for mothers and their children whose lives have been impacted by HIV/AIDS. Nkosi’s Haven also provides support for orphans, HIV/AIDS affected or not. It aims to improve the productivity of their residents through providing access to medical care, therapy, education and skill building workshops. The goal is to empower residents while providing a safe, dignified home in hopes that all mothers and children are able to become responsible and contributing members of society.

More about Nkosi’s Haven here 

What Will You be Doing as a Business and Marketing Volunteer Day-to-Day? 

The business and marketing programme offers you the opportunity to examine the central issues facing developing countries in today’s globalised world and to learn practical skills that will enable you to work in business, social enterprise and NGOs. This programme not only addresses the theories of development, but actively examines how development works practically in the field in developing and developed countries. You will be able to analyse in detail how development projects are designed, implemented and managed. The programme enables the learning of participatory approaches to development that are designed to mobilise people to actively take part in their own development. It equips the students with the understanding of the role that NGOs can play in promoting social and economic progress.

Business and Marketing Volunteer Tasks 



Volunteer Invest, Nkosi's Haven, Johannesburg, South Africa


Extra desired skills: Digital marketing, adwords, website development, Google Grants, Social media, editorial, PR, journalism, writing, graphic design…

Nkosi’s Haven love international volunteers who take the initiative and implement activities and projects related to their passions. The ideas need to be presented to management and then adjustments and suggestions will be made based on age, culture and differences.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about what you can expect, and find out more information, please get in touch 

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