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by Sarah Harris|Jan 30 2018|South Africa
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So you’re thinking of volunteering in South Africa? That’s great news! This project offers a number of programmes: Performing Arts, Childcare and Business Management. It’s very much an opportunity to use your specific skills to help the local community.

However, as you’re going into the unknown, there’s bound to be some anxiety! At Volunteer Invest, our team is very much happy to answers any questions you have (do let us know!). But who better to tell you about the experience of volunteering in South Africa, than the very people who have been and done it!

So below, here are some testimonials where volunteers talk about their experience of volunteering at the project centre in Johannesburg ven firsthand:

“The home is more than just space that provides holistic care and support for HIV/AIDS infected mothers, her children, and resulting AIDS orphans. Interning from Toronto, Canada here back in 2011, allowed me to discover the stories and overwhelming warmth held here in Johannesburg. It truly became a home to me and really ignited my passion in HIV/AIDS and PMTCT research. It is now 2017 and I continuously return to Joburg and visit the Haven. I am currently completing my PhD here and now live and work in SA. I can honestly look back and say that the project and mentor Gail Johnson both hold a special place in my heart and has paved my path in research. I admire the hard work of Gail Johnson and the centre, words cannot express my gratitude and love for their continuous support and guidance. The passion and dedication over the countless number of years to the HIV/AIDS field really has allowed me to discover my own. To the staff and residents at the Haven thank you for making each day entertaining and motivational in Johannesburg, South Africa.” – Melanie

“A team of 18 Volunteer Artists recently wrapped up artsINSIDEOUT, which took place at the children’s centre for two weeks. In addition to the traditional visual art, storytelling, music, and dance workshops offered, this two-week arts camp offered an engaging stagecraft class! The programme culminated in a final performance in Johannesburg for the entire community — it was an inspiring evening for everyone who participated.The theme for camp this year was “Zazise!,” a Zulu expression that means “introduce yourself.” For a chance to see the show, check out the video below”



Other visitors to the project have been;

Actor, Antonio Banderas ‘Very emotive visit. Goosbumps after the experience, the happiness and the work that is done there. Philanthropy is a privilege that we wish to express through. I feel really blessed.’ Watch his video compilation here

Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson

Artist, Pearl Thusi 

Actress and Model, Alexandra Daddario

Actor, Scott Wolf 

Would you like to Volunteer with us or know more?

You can read more about our volunteering programmes in South Africa here. Furthermore, you can find out more about Volunteer Invest here.

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Alternatively, complete an application to begin the process of volunteering, and we’ll be in touch with more details!

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