Making the Final Decision To Volunteer Abroad

by Evelyn Medai|Jan 03 2018|Volunteer Advice
Volunteer Invest Final Decision

Deciding the volunteer abroad is a huge decision, and if you’re as indecisive as me, committing something so big can be intimidating and make you want to put off making the final decision as long as possible. But eventually, you have to make a choice. If you’re still deliberating, here are a few things to mull over to help you make your decision:

Will I ever have the chance to do this again?

If you’re highly considering taking time to volunteer abroad, you know that you’re able to
commit to doing so. You know that you’ll be able to take the time off of work or school, and you
know that you have the funds to do so. So think, if I don’t do this now, will I be able to make the
same commitment later? Will I be able to take time off work or school? Will I have the funds? Will
there be other commitments that will prevent me volunteering? In all honesty, we never know
what the future will hold. If you have the opportunity now, take it! You don’t want to miss out
on what could be an incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity!

Volunteer Invest Making a Decision

What am I missing out on by going?

If you’re still trying to make your final decision on volunteering abroad, chances are you have
some sort of backup plan as to what you’ll be doing with your time if you don’t end up going on
your international volunteering trip. Whether that’s doing volunteer work at home or just
continuing your normal job, consider what your other option is if you don’t volunteer abroad. Is
missing out on this other option worth missing out on volunteering abroad? As cliché as it
sounds, making a pro/con list of each option you have can be incredibly helpful in making your
final decision.

Why did I want to take this trip in the first place?

This is the most important thing to remember. There was something that inspired you to look
into volunteering abroad in the first place. You were inspired to want to use your time and skills
to help others and make an impact on someone. You wanted to do your part to make the world a
better place. Maybe you had specific reasons for choosing the location or project you wanted to
work on. Maybe you wanted to use your medical or psychology skills to make a real impact on a
community. Whatever your story or reason, there was something that made you passionate
enough to want to go across the world to volunteer your time for others. Thinking about this
reason, or reasons, may help you make that final call on volunteering abroad.

There’s no shame in being a little unsure. We know this is a big decision. But, we hope that
you’ll come to find that volunteering abroad is an amazing opportunity that you should definitely
take advantage of if you have the chance.

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