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by Evelyn Medai|Aug 31 2017|Ghana
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Interested in volunteering in Ghana? Ghana is an incredible country full of friendly people, wonderful cuisine  and a long history. There are also a great number of people, especially children, facing adversity in Ghana. Choosing to volunteer in Ghana is a life changing and rewarding experience. But choosing to volunteer abroad is also a huge decision and we know you have questions before applying. We hope you can find some of the answers here!

Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering is beneficial to everyone involved. While your work impacts those you will be volunteering with in Ghana, it is likely that you will be even more impacted by the experience. Volunteering abroad gives you the chance to travel to a new country and immerse yourself into an entirely new culture, all while using your inherent talents and skills to help others. Volunteering abroad helps you develop a range of personal and even professional skills.  

Where will I be staying?

Our volunteers in Ghana live in homestays during their trip, giving them the opportunity to become fully immersed in the culture and experience what everyday life in Ghana is like. The home is located in a small village a short distance from the project.

What will I be doing?

There are several different volunteer programmes offered in Ghana. Whether you’re a future teacher, a doctor in training, or you were the school sports star back in your day and are looking to pass on your skills, you can use your passion and talents to make a difference in Ghana. With volunteer programmes in teaching, sports teaching, childcare, medical care, construction work, and agriculture, we will be able to fit your specific talents with the area that best suits you.

Once you arrive in Senya-Beraku, you will receive on-site training from support members in Ghana. Once you begin your volunteering, your day-to-day schedule will vary, but for a general idea, here are some examples of daily schedules.

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What should I expect on this trip?

This trip is full of hard but rewarding work; this isn’t a luxury holiday but a chance to make a difference and invest your time in a great cause. You can expect to be challenged at times, but it will be incredibly rewarding and a life changing experience. You can expect to learn about a new culture, be immersed in their traditions, make connections with other volunteers and Ghanaians, and come back with a new world view.

For a general idea of what to expect in Ghana, check out this link: http://www.volunteerinvest.org/volunteer-investment-programme-ghana-2/

Who can volunteer?

We assess each application separately, looking at their reasons and motivations. We are approaching graduates because of the nature of the Ghana project. We don’t want to decide for people, only giving them the core information and allowing them to decide if it’s right for them. We aren’t a big company we are a small charity looking to build a sustainable model in the charity sector and offer reliable income for the Arms Around the Child projects on the ground in India, Ghana and South Africa. We will keep our size small to stay personable at all times. We want to build a community of like-minded people, who want to gain and give in different ways.

How much will this cost and what does it cover?

 Our volunteer trips to Ghana run at 260 pounds per week, which includes transportation to and from the Accra airport, a detailed orientation, three authentic meals a day, drinking water, pre-departure and in-country support staff, accommodations, a certificate of completion and more.

The cost does not cover flights to and from your home country, vaccinations, visa costs, or medical insurance.

What does the money go towards?

The programme fees help cover operational costs and supports the organizations that you will be volunteering with. 80% of fees goes directly to the Ghana project and their operating costs, as well as your accommodations during the trip. The rest goes towards supporting VIP operations. We operate under the charity Arms Around the Child, meaning we are a not-for-profit organization and therefore donate the majority of our volunteer fees go directly to the projects and organizations we support.

Volunteer Invest Ghana Guide 2

How will I pay?

We don’t want cost to prevent anyone from having an experience volunteering abroad. We suggest fundraising as a great way to come up with the funds necessary for your trip. There are countless ways for you to fundraise, so get creative and find something you enjoy doing to raise money!

If you are still in school, many universities offer scholarships for students volunteering abroad, so we suggest looking into those as well!

How do I book my flight?

You will be required to book your own flights from your home country. Flights from the UK range from £400-£600, and we suggest using a website such as Skyscanner or Kayak to get the lowest prices.

What vaccinations are required?

Medical insurance is necessary to obtain for this trip, so speak with your general practitioner to find the most effective way to go about getting medical insurance as well as vaccines. According to the NHS, the vaccines necessary for travelling to Ghana are as follows:

How do I get a visa?

You will require a volunteer visa for this trip. Since different countries have different visa requirements, it is advised that you speak with your national visa office to find out the steps necessary to obtain your visa.

Will I have time to travel and explore Ghana?

Yes! Ghana is a beautiful country and there are countless places to explore. There will be opportunities for day and evening trips during your volunteer experience. Some locations we suggest visiting:

Our Ghana travel guide has more tips on places to explore in Ghana!

Volunteer Invest Ghana Guide 3

What should I pack?

We have put together a basic packing list for our Ghana volunteers. In addition to comfortable, lightweight clothes (light long sleeve tops and lightweight trousers) and sturdy shoes, we recommend the following:

Would you like to Volunteer with us or know more?

You can read more about our volunteering programmes in Ghana here. Furthermore, you can find out more about Volunteer Invest here.

Questions? Would you like to participate? That’s great – feel free to email us or call/whatsapp us on: +44 (0) 7704 129 816

Alternatively, complete an application to begin the process of volunteering, and we’ll be in touch with more details!

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