Traversing India’s Golden Triangle

by Evelyn Medai|Nov 26 2017|India
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India’s Golden Triangle is one of the most popular travel routes in the subcontinent. And for good reason! Covering the cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur and hitting major world-famous landmarks, including the Taj Mahal, this route is sure to show the beauty, diversity, and culture of India. But as with any kind of international travel, planning your trip to the Golden Triangle can be slightly overwhelming; where to stay, what to see, and what to do are all things that need to be planned out ahead of time. So we’re here to offer some tips, tricks, and ideas for your trip around India.

Things to Do

Throughout the Golden Triangle, you’ll be sure to see loads of religious temples. Find out if any are open to the public and see if it would be possible to take a look around and learn a bit about the religion. In particular, the Swaminarayan Akshardham in Delhi is not to be missed.

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Try to spot the wildlife. National parks in Rajasthan are known to have tigers, elephants, and rhinos in the area, so go see if you can catch some out and about.

Explore the bazaars of Delhi and get a taste of Indian culture. From art to clothing to authentic Indian food, you’ll be sure to be fully immersed in Indian life.

Of course, a trip through the Golden Triangle wouldn’t be complete without a stop in Agra at the Taj Mahal. To get the most out of your time at the Taj Mahal, try to go at sunrise or sunset for a particularly majestic view.

Jaipur is well known as the “Pink City” of India. A bit quieter than some of the other main cities throughout India and even along the Golden Triangle, take your time to explore the city center and see what you stumble upon. There are loads of historic sites in the area, including the City Palace and several temples and mosques, getting lost (in a good way!) in this city isn’t hard.

While in Jaipur, you may want to take some time out give back a little bit. Volunteer Invest funds Faith Orphanage in Jaipur, providing care for children living with HIV/AIDs. Volunteers assist in a range of childcare and teaching tasks, including helping kids with their homework and teaching lessons to some of the younger children. Taking time to volunteer while travelling gives an entirely new perspective on the country you’re in and the world as a whole. To learn more about this impactful experience, check out Volunteer Invest’s website.

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Tips for Travel

You can easily get around the whole of the Golden Triangle by bus or train. If you’re travelling on a budget, bus travel is the way to go as it is a wildly cheap way to travel. However, high speed trains and sleeper trains are incredibly efficient and will get you where you want to be quickly, and you can squeeze in a nap.

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