Pelin’s Child Development Project Placement in India

by Sarah Harris|Sep 18 2017|India
Pelin Atakan Volunteering Abroad in India, Volunteer Invest

Our volunteer opportunities at Faith Aalingan in Jaipur, India offer the unique experience of working directly with children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS and helping them overcome the stigma associated with it to live full lives and follow their dreams. Volunteers help with the children’s education as well as developmental growth, which includes arts and music, making this a great opportunity for those with creative minds. If you’re interested to hear more about what volunteering at Faith is like, read our interview with one of our past volunteers, Pelin, below!

When did you volunteer with Faith? How long were you there?

I volunteered in August of 2014 for three weeks.

What did your volunteering work consist of?

I was mainly doing arts and craft activities and dance with the children at Faith. They all also taught me a lot about Indian language, dancing and games.

What were your expectations before starting? Did these match up to your experience when you finished?

I always enjoy learning from kids, so that was my only expectation going in. My time at Faith exceeded my expectations. Not just the children, but all the people at Faith are so hospitable, friendly, and eager to give you space to grow and a great experience. They never treat you as a worker and they always appreciate your effort.


How do you feel the experience changed you? Were there any career benefits for you from the experience you gained?

It changed me A LOT. Things I had believed before were altered; my thoughts about religion, death, gender, hygiene and so on were changed. How much they enjoy life, both Indian people and the people specifically at Faith, impressed me deeply and affected different aspects of my life.

I believe every experience benefits your career so long as it pushes you to take initiative and take new steps. I am no teacher or psychologist, but I learned countless things about culture, gender issues, communication and more. There was one thing, though. Nearly every person who interviews me for a job or an internship position is intrigued by my trip to India. Some of them even want to visit there themselves.

Why should someone choose to volunteer in India over somewhere else?

The specific reason would be unique for everyone, I believe.  But maybe the common attractive thing about being a volunteering abroad is that it gives you the chance to meet and spend time with local people, so you can explore the real culture of the country. You get your unique experience based on your own reasons for volunteering and personal needs.

To learn more about Faith Aalingan click here.

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