Where Does Your Volunteer Fee Go?

by volunteerinvest|Feb 12 2018|Volunteer Advice
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We get asked about the volunteer fee breakdown a lot. This is one of the things that we are MOST proud of and one of the things that really sets Volunteer Invest apart from other volunteer abroad organisations.

We are first and foremost a fundraising charity. We support all our volunteers throughout the volunteering abroad process, from fundraising advice through to visa and travel plans. We also work along side our partner organisations in India, Ghana and South Africa to support their community development, this can include building new schools and funding new projects on the ground.

Our fees are set to include a direct donation to the organisation you volunteer with. Most volunteers fundraise for this in fun and innovative ways, or apply for a university bursary or grant. The volunteer fee then gets sent to the organisation on the ground, to cover hosting you (accommodation, food, travel, airport collection etc etc), and a donation towards their running costs. Sadly, this is highly unusual for the ‘volunteer abroad’ sector, where it is common to pay a unimaginably low % to the hosting organisation on the ground. We founded Volunteer Invest to change this….and below is where the volunteer fees are spent


Volunteer fee donation fundraising


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