Why Social Media is Great for Travellers

by Evelyn Medai|Apr 17 2018|Volunteer Advice
Social Media for Travellers

It’s not hard to see the connection between social media and traveling. You’re probably used to opening up Instagram and seeing someone lounging on a beach in Bali, coconut drink in hand, sunglasses on, living out all of our daydreams as we sit in the classroom or in the office. While this may be the first thing that you thought of when you think of social media and travel, there’s really no limit to how travel and social media can be used together, and there are numerous benefits to sharing these experiences on social media.

One of the most obvious benefits of sharing your travel experiences online is to preserve memories. When you travel, your daily schedule is often packed with activities, trying to make the most out of your time on holiday. When you’re that busy, it’s easy to forget the little details of your trip. Capturing these moments through photos and videos lets you preserve all these memories for years to come. In the past, these would have been kept in scrapbooks or on tapes. These days, everything is kept digitally and social media has become the new place to store memories. Facebook has become the new scrapbook, YouTube has become the new home video, and so on. Uploading to social media allows us to keep our memories of travelling at our fingertips and allows us to share these with friends and family all over the world.

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Another great benefit of sharing your travel experiences on social media is being introduced to an entirely new online community. There are endless Facebook groups that cater to passionate travellers. Whether you’re seeking advice from an enormous group of well-travelled people or you’re looking for new friends in your area that share your love for exploring the world, there’s the perfect online community with exactly what you’re looking for. Additionally, there’s endless inspiration online for your next trip, from bloggers to vloggers, with their own unique tips and tricks on travel.

Finally, sharing your experiences travelling can be a great way to spread a message or raise awareness of a cause you care about. If you volunteer abroad, you can share your experience across your own social media platforms with your friends and family. While volunteering abroad, you can to showcase every aspect of your experience, from the wonderful people you meet to the hardships of living in a developing country. Sharing every part of the experience helps others really understand what volunteering abroad is like and can get them interested in the cause that is so important to you.

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If volunteering abroad is something that’s always stood out to you, Volunteer Invest has countless programmes, from sports to psychology, to fit your own particular interests! While there, you can document your trip through daily Instagram stories or start a YouTube channel to vlog your experience with your friends and family back home. You’ll be able to capture and preserve the experience of a lifetime. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!

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