Visiting Ghana will provide you with limitless opportunities to observe beauty in numerous forms: in its landscapes, in its art scene, and especially in its people. Our programme will bring you to new places along the coast of Africa, each giving you a different perspective of the country.

Ghana’s capital, Accra is known for its historical architecture, lively markets, art galleries, and museums. The sandy beaches of Kokrobite are a nice escape for locals and visitors to relax or fish in the Atlantic Ocean. Most of your time will be spent in rural Ghana, such as the villages of Senya Beraku.  As you interact with the community through medical clinics, art, or sports, you will realise that although they have very little, they have an overwhelming amount of joy and love to give.

“The clinic really got you involved and you were quite independent.

I thought it would be a lot of shadowing, but it was a lot of independence.

We really loved it. We really enjoyed the independence. It’s quite nice when they give

you things to do. We felt like we had actually given a hand and been helpful.”- Alex

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