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Creative Arts & Music Volunteer Programme


Are you creative? Are you currently studying at Art School? An Artist? 

A professional artist and want to expand your contextual ideas into new cultures and reach new inspirational heights?


For many years we have been supporting artists, from filmographers, photographers, painters, actors and everything in between visit Africa and India to work with children, inspiring creative ideas in young people affected by HIV/AIDS.


Make your creative dreams come alive, with the help of our children. Follow in the footsteps of creative individuals, visionaries and artists and discover the most magical and creative country in the world.


“Art can be used to communicate, break down barriers, break down walls, and work on collaborative pieces. It was a goal to try and create a unique piece of artwork with the kids that would be about harnessing their own creativity more than anything”

BEN SUMMERS, artist, Ghana ‘Art in Africa

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South Africa


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