Child Development, Mental Health and Social Work

Child Development, Mental Health and Social Work Volunteer Programme

Are you passionate about making sure that children have access to essential care and support, and do you want to volunteer your time helping local people and organisations within communities abroad to promote better health, education and development outcomes for young people?

Our Child Development volunteers provide assistance in a range of environments – community centers, day care centers, children’s homes after school programs, and feeding programs.

Volunteer work is led by local staff and tasks vary depending on the specific placement, but generally involve providing personalised attention, mentoring, educational support, or playing games and assisting with daily operations, such as cooking and cleaning.

The objective of these projects is to provide operational support to under-resourced childcare centers, while fostering a two-way cultural exchange between international volunteers, children and staff at the centers. You can feel confident that you will have a meaningful impact, while developing your global awareness and opening the minds of the children to new cultures and possibilities.

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