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Sports and Fitness Volunteer Programme

Are you are you looking for sports volunteer opportunities abroad to support physical education, or sports development within schools or after-school programmes?

Our Sports and Fitness Volunteer projects enable international volunteers to play a vital role in teaching youth within communities abroad the importance of maintaining active and healthy lifestyles, while building skills in teamwork and sportsmanship.

As a volunteer teaching sports abroad, you’ll discover that the children thrive on the opportunity to learn new sports and develop their skills. To be an effective volunteer sports coach, you’re encouraged to be inventive with your lesson plans, incorporating new games and sports, teaching new skills, and organizing tournaments for the children

Volunteers with a love of sport and real enthusiasm for working with children are well suited to our Sports and Fitness Volunteer Programmes. Volunteers on this programme work with children to help develop their interest in a range of sports and increase their skill base.

In addition to the physical benefits of sports education, this project helps in developing the mental discipline of the children, as well as heightening their alertness and coordination.

The Sports and Fitness Volunteer Programme will involve; Physical training, skills development and mental strength ability, Teaching the children how to work as a team, Bring the best out in the players, Encourage children to have more self- confidence.

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