Teaching Volunteer Programme

Are you seeking volunteer teaching abroad opportunities to help increase access to education in communities around the world?

Our Teaching Volunteer abroad programmes enable international volunteers to work alongside local teachers with the objective of promoting greater literacy, supporting opportunities for higher education, building vocational skills and enhancing career prospects among students.

First-time teachers and experienced educators can volunteer to teach abroad with Volunteer Invest in Africa and India. As a volunteer teacher abroad, you may have the opportunity to teach independently, provide support to local teachers, or team up with other international volunteers to take lessons in a range of classroom settings, including schools, tutoring programs, community centers, special needs facilities and childcare centers.

Access to education and the opportunity to study English are highly valued in the communities we work with. Whether you’re a volunteer teaching English abroad, or supporting the instruction of other subjects or extracurricular activities, the students are eager to learn and participate.

The influence that international teaching volunteers have on the communities we work with goes beyond the classroom. Crossing boundaries to work side-by-side with students and teachers from different cultures fosters a two-way exchange, building cross-cultural understanding and global awareness.

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